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Dryocampa rubicunda - Rosy Maple Moth

You are not on shrooms (I’m pretty sure, anyway). This is a real thing. And it is awesome.


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Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Question & Danswer

This may be my new 2nd favorite Jimmy Fallon thing. What’s first you ask? Singing with classroom toys!

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29 by 29: The Art of Racing in the Rain      

On CD.
Started: 4-9-14
Finished: 4/18/14

This book starts out as, what I can only describe as “Tuesdays with Morrie” as narrated by Snoopy.

Very Zen, very funny and witty, at times equally weepy and heart-wrenching. I never thought I could relate to a dog on hip pain, but all the descriptions were quite accurate.

I really like the way the author has described the dog’s point of view on the world. For example: “Mike’s Wife, who wasn’t a wife at all. Just a man who was wife-like.’


29 by 29: The Big Cat Nap by Rita Mae & Sneakypie Brown      

On CD.
Ended: 4-9-14.

This was the Anniversary publishing, celebrating 10 years of the series. I probably should not have started with this book. It was good, but by the end I was getting tired of the narrator being so nosey. How have you ‘happened upon’ so many dead bodies AND you’re not a suspect?!? I was also very jealous of her well-behaved animals that she takes everywhere. It was okay, but I don’t think cat-detective-mysteries are my thing.
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Today was my first day back in BJJ after being out for 2 weeks!

I was out because I needed to study for my Professional Engineer License. 2 sets of 40 multiple choice questions that take 8 hours to complete. Sounds like fun, eh?!? I think I did okay in the morning session. Not sure about the afternoon session. I get to find out if I passed or not in 10-12 weeks. Let the waiting game begin!

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John Barrowman at Phoenix Comicon 2013 {X}

I think he’s thought of this before
One of the comments on the video says ‘He forgot ‘The Face of Blow’! I wonder how many others he’s thought about. Do you think he’s got any from the musicals he’s done?

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